Williams Creek Aquatic Habitat Restoration Project

The Williams Creek Aquatic Habitat Restoration Project will restore eight miles of stream in the Williams Creek Drainage basin in Liberty, Washington, including the tributaries of Lion Gulch, Cougar Gulch, and Billy Goat Gulch. Restoration actions include elements that will improve floodplain function; address impacts to water quality from road and off road vehicle (ORV) uses, and dispersed camping; and open barriers to fish migration at road crossings. The project will decommission 1.45 miles of road and trail, remove fish passage barriers to open over 22 miles of upstream habitat, and place large woody debris in four miles of creeks. The goals of the project are to protect and enhance water quality and to expand and enhance available habitat for mid-Columbia steelhead and other anadromous and resident fish populations. The project is linked to the USFS Swauk Pine Restoration Project that incorporates a watershed approach to restore natural hydrologic processes, reduce the size of the road system, and create a more resilient forest mosaic to enhance habitat for threatened fish and wildlife species.